Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Warez BB AutoPoster Project

 5/14/11 Update  - This project has been scrapped and replaced 
with my AutoFormat 2.0 Project.

You may have heard names like thierry0wnz or sparhawk in the filehosting scene- big names of uploaders that have their own customized programs that allow for entire automation of the sharing process. Well, after sticking my foot in the water of the business, I finally decided that should I continue, I ought to create something like these guys. So I reveal today a very simple, basic shell, that has been made pretty much out of testing and searching; my Warez-BB AutoPoster:

Once complete, there will be options for each type of upload. Since Im still in the design stage, I've only been working on Music:

How it works; well, plain and simple, there are few people who post original content. Most content are reposts of others. This simplifies that reposting process. Copy the title, the graphic url, then submit your own filehost urls, copy the description and enter a password if applicable, then generate the BB code.

The future versions of this process will then select your account (as shown by Alias), then login using your credentials to WarezBB and make the post under the appropriate section.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.


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