Sunday, September 18, 2011

Battlefield Bad Company 2 BSOD Fix

I have done it all and am still having issues trying to fix the BFBC2 bsod error in multiplayer.

What I have narrowed it down as not the cause:
- Not punkbuster. Played on non-pb servers, still froze.
- Not graphics intensity related. Played on lowest, still bsod'd.
- Not OC issue. Not OCing.
- Not cooling issue. CPU doesnt go above 37 degrees in gameplay. 5770 Radeon sits at 95C (normal).
- Reseated Ram, no improvement.

What could still be causing it:
- Onboard audio. Was never a problem before- maybe a patch that they released recently has caused it to start acting up?

9/20/11 UPDATE:
EA just released a 2 gb patch (download via Steam) that has fixed the issue for me. About damn time. If you're still bsoding... post here and discuss.


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