Saturday, October 8, 2011

FLStudio Quantization Chat

The quantizer is based on groove templates. So depending on the template you pick, you can quantize to a beat grid, but you can also quantize to a variety of shuffle feels. The quantizer can also affect the velocity of the notes, further shaping the groove. 

I have no use for groove templates. Is there any way to just do a simple quantize in FL Studio? Like if I use my MIDI keyboard to input some notes, can I select what I played and quantize it to be on beat? I have no interests in templates. Ideally, I'd like to be able to quantize to whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, thirtysecondth, (and maybe sixtyfourth) notes, including their triplet variants.

If there are already some templates that can do that accurately without messing up the velocity or whatever, where do I find those, and how do I manage them with ease?

I'm pretty much only interested in quantizing note on velocities while keeping the note durations. Can you guys help?
Just play your tune and press ctrl+Q afterwards, that should be quite adequate then. For more control, press alt+Q instead.
Have you tried making your own groove files to quantize to? at whatever intervals you want of course...
And as far as simple quantization goes.
Tools (Wrench thingy at the top left) -> Quantize
Click the folder under Groove template
Open the Snap folder
Pick your level of quantization...and voila.
*For Reference*
Quantize to Step is quantizing to 1/16th note intervals
Quantizing to Half-Step is quantizing to 1/32th note intervals
Quantizing to Half-Beat is quantizing to 1/8th note intervals


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