Friday, December 23, 2011

How to get CSS Content on Garrys Mod Dedicated Server

Hello Garrysmod Host,

If you're reading this, then chances are you've had some problems getting your CSS content to work on your Garry's mod server after using HLDS updater tool. You might have even run into the Steam Validation Rejected problem if you go through Steam. Keep on reading to find the fix!

The structure of the srcds setup is such that Garrysmod now resides in the Orangebox folder. So to get your gmod server going, you have to launch it like this:
 /orangebox/srcds.exe -game garrysmod

That's great and all, but now only items in Orangebox are getting loaded into your gmod server!! Oh noes!!! Here is the fix:

Go one level up to the main folder (there should be a folder called "css" if you chose to install CSS content from the HLDS updater tool. If you didn't, click here to find the command for getting CSS content downloaded.
Next,  navigate into the CSS folder. There should be a folder called "cstrike". Copy that and paste it into your /orangebox/ directory. Test out your gmod server; you should have css content available!


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Thanks, but you don't actually have to waste time copying anything. You can just create a symbolic directory link. This also allows new updates for CSS to be used by GMod.

You just run this command inside your orangebox folder:

mklink /D cstrike ..\css\cstrike

Shaun's solution is pretty smart. thanks

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