Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Job opening" *** Scam Email ***

I received this from "Ashly Randall." I wrote this blog entry to share with other college students and inform them of how this is a scam email for a fake job opportunity.
From Ashly Randall

If you are seriously looking for income and want to work when your schedule permits, we can help you.
We are currently looking for online workers. You will need to have available computer and internet access.
All you do is online. No experience required.
So, if you are interested and need more info on this job, please email me at my business email:

Best regards,Ashley Randall
P.S. Please send all emails to:

I took the time to respond to "Ashly R." in an attempt to prove that this is a scam email. Here was my message (under a new email account):

Subject: Work
From: "Jonny Neumonic" <>
Date: 12/20/2011

Hi, I got your email for online work, no experience needed. I am looking for work right now to help pay for my next school semester, and I was hoping you might still have work available?

Jonny Neumonic

I already received a response from her within 24 hours. Actually, the response was automatic, to a generated email list (presumably generated from all the incoming mail that received.)

Subject: Re: JobFrom: "Ashley Randall" <>TO:

Hello, Thank you for your interest. For more details, please follow the link: (removed) (free subdomain hosted on Please note that there is a one-time sign-up fee. The fee is to become a member and get access to company's database.

Best Regards,Ashley Randall

Here is your scam. When the user clicks the link, it hits the website she sent out, then redirects the user to a typical scam website, one that promises riches as a university student worker, etc. etc. 

The susceptible, poor university student is lied to that this one-time fee is minuscule in comparison to the wealth they will attain from working. 

Dont be fooled.  Click below or check out similar stories to see more scam emails that I've encountered on my university email address.

See More Scam Emails

Some good websites to double-check your emails against:
Snopes Nigerian Scams - The Scamdex

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Haha..i just got that email

Me too, how do you know it's a scam? I've gotten her emails before and never done anything but delete them, but so I know for the future, how can you tell when an email is a scam?
I'm a college student and I received an email about a credit card purchase from amazon which was also a scam but i freaked at first. Help

Any email that is a job offer and not from a professional job website (such as LinkedIn) or a service "contracted" through Craigslist or facebook shouldn't be trusted.

Not only that; this email is in no way professional at all. It would be ok if this was a friend of yours; but this is a stranger from the internet pitching a job offer to you.

I'll create a temp email account to respond to this scam and see what they ask of me. I guarantee that they will ask for a number of few things in the next email response; phone, full name, and address.

I just got this one just now too. I also got the earlier one about an Amazon purchase. You just have to learn to distinguish them I guess.

Just got this too. Must be a scam.

I got it on my college email account today. Maybe they just need a lot of workers! LoL

I'm really annoyed because I have only given out my email to Is the Apple list going out? Ridiculous!

I also, got this same e-mail on my college email account. I am going to send something to the college concerning these type of email. I never give out this e-mail address except when I order books.

All, I have emailed ashley. I will post their response.

Not even a convincing email. I feel sorry for anyone that falls for this.

Haha Awesome! Glad I looked into this before writing (yeah, I'm that desperate!) I thought it was weird that there was no website, or that there was no Ashley Randall on facebook. Thanks for being you and doing what you do!

Thank you for sharing this!!!!!!

Thanks man! I just got this too. = )

Got this today.. Ofcourse, first thing I do is google.. LOL..

Thank you very much men!!. I am on job market and looking for a part time position. And, yesterday, I've gotten an interview by a person named Ashley. First, When I receive that email, I was very happy. However, after second thought, I saw her domain, and it is not the company that I applied for.. I google it, and finally I found that IT MUST BE A SCAM>>>>>

Thanks for sharing this...

Thanks man...
It really helped me a lot...
I have still a problem that I get these emails...
Can you have a solution?

I continually get these emails. Not much can be done, just ignore them.

I just got this on my student account from and I assume it's the same thing:


Please email me if you need a job. The position is part time.
All you do is online. You set your own schedule. No experience required
the pay rate is good.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Ashley Randall

I keep getting these emails... over and over and not just from "ashley". GRRRR

Jobs don't fall from the sky into your hands....SCAM

Your e-mail address is worth money, don't give it away for free.

I just got the email. Googled and found this. Tnx for confirming its a scam.

I just received an email similar to this. I replied to it then saw this post. Thank you for posting about this.

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