Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Top Five Reasons to Write For Hubpages


Hubpages is a single webpage that is growing in popularity. Some Hubber (hubpages writer) can make money. Quite a simple list. Easy to follow.



Undoubted, most online writer have motivation to find money at the website. Hubpages share 60% adsense revenue to the writer. The writer also can generate money from Kontera, Amazon, and eBay.



We can use hubpages to promote our article and our blog. Use RSS capsule to promote our new article from our blog or website.



It is very easy to manage hubpages. We can add some nice pictures from flickr or other free photos. We can embed video at hubpages too.



There are some good writer in hubpages and we can share the knowledge at forum. Ask anything about hubpages and they will be please to help you.


Nice Design

Hubpages has nice and beautiful design. We can add picture, video, table, Google map, and Quiz. The webmaster also put adsense in right place so the hubber can generate more money from adsense.


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