Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Top Five Ways to Turn Blogger into a Product Website

Blogger is a great, free blogging platform that with a few tweaks, can have the look and feel of a website instead of a blog.


1. Use a Professional Looking Template

You can create this template with the built-in template designer, or get one at any number of free online sites, but your layout needs to look like something a pro would create. Take your time and do this right.

2. Only Allow One Post Per Page

Most product websites, unless they are magazine style, only have one major article per page. In your Settings, you can set Blogger to only allow one post per page, so that each post seems to be a separate page.

3. Do Away With the Archive Widget

Nothing screams "blog" like an archive widget. You don't want chronological posts, you want subject based posts. By using Labels and customizing your Labels widget, you can guide people where they need to go.

4. Use the Pages Feature

Blogger allows you up to 10 stand-alone pages. These should be used wisely for things such as the FAQ's, About, Site Map, Product Descriptions, etc. Look at a website in your business, and see how they set up their top tabs and copy them.

5. Skip the Adsense

If you are looking to sell a product, you don't need to have anything leading people off of your site. Ads should lead to another page on the site, or to an order form, not to someone else's site.


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