Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adsense & Blogger: Build A Blogger Empire as a College Student: Intro

You're a college student. Decent grades, lots of activities, great friends, and memorable weekends (most of the time). You're sick of your job at dining flipping omelets for obnoxious freshmen and their dumbfound parents. There has to be some better way to make money during this period of unanimous poverty. You've keened in on ponzi schemes; getting notes stuck to your car for knives/vacuums/whatever selling business and how you can make +$17 an hour with them. None of it worked and so here you are, nearly broke, having to go home to mom and dad to get some extra funding to continue this lifestyle.

So, where can money be made? Let us first take a look at where the majority of our time is spent.

at least a good 40% of time is spent in school or doing school work.
another 20% or so doing activities or eating
we spend at more or less 20% sleeping,
putting us to 80% capacity
The last 20% is a mixture of the following:

TV, Internet, Social Networking, Youtube, Gaming, and procrastinating.

In fact, that is a generously low amount. Internet and social networking probably belong at 33% of time taken per day. Dont deny it - you check facebook more times than you eat or snack throughout the day.

So with all this time online, what are you accomplishing? Having a nice chat with an old friend? Learning new things? Getting in a stupid online argument on facebook with a stranger? Most likely the last one.

So here we are, dissected. What is next? You've seen blogger websites, and wordpress websites, but youve been timid to start your own. No ideas on what to talk about, not sure how to get up and rolling, etc. Here is your way into the business.

Some of you may have already been bloggers and think you've "failed" with previous blogs. Nonsense; blogs do not fail- users fail to setup the blog in the correct way. Most likely, they were set up without keyword optimization, search-engine optimization, linking, correct ad-placement, attractive templates with easy maneuverability, and above all else, content. Content!

A blog is a collection of notes from an author, much like a magazine or newspaper. Why do people read either of those? Because they

1. Know the magazine brand, and what its purpose is. They want the information that they know they can obtain from this magazine.
2. Know the newspaper and the variety of news it has on topics that interest them.
So, before even creating a blog, it is crucial to have an idea in mind; what content will you deliver?

To help you build some ideas on what content to write, think about things you are well-versed in. Know sports? Talk about sports. Know some cool tricks for games? Talk about them. Find something that you already normally invest a lot of time into, and talk about it. You might be asking , why? Why would anyone want to hear about, say, Runescape adventures?

Because, they didn't have that experience. They're searching for something to supplement that experience; hence, where you come along with your blog. Your content should provide information that would normally otherwise be difficult to obtain, or only known among experts. You know more than other people do in your most advanced topics.

With content in mind, and a few ideas ready to share/write on, you can create your blog.

On the first day, write a few articles to share. Be sure to use labels of commonalities (abstractions from the text) or in other words, the "Big ideas" from the post. For example, big ideas from this post might be "Adsense, Blogger, Blogger Setup, How to set up a blog"

Next, start adding widgets to your blog to make it your own. I like to include a search bar, adsense, list of blogs, labels, followers, and a google+ icon.

If youre not sure how Adsense works, you can read the article What Is Google Adsense.

As the days progress, you won't see much activity in stats. You need to get your blog submitted to search engines!

Here are some popular submit url links:

Submit your Url to Google

Submit your Url to Bing
Submit your Url to Yahoo

There are other sites too, that submit your url to MANY sites. I am not so sure about how effective they are. Here is an example.

Check out other search engines, like Ask, Altavista, etc.

Now, you'll notice traffic to start building up as your content brings in visitors from search engines.

In the next part, I will discuss content more in-depth.


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