Sunday, January 15, 2012

List of Blogger targeted Stats Spammers

These are spam referrals. They are links that appear to link to your blog, but really dont. A macro or botting program is instead used and hits your blog page and many other blogs with their referring url. Then, blog owners, eager to see the increase in statistics, see that a lot is coming from one of these websites. Curiosity strikes and they choose to visit the webpage, only to be subject to the spam referrers content. Beware!!!


Known Spammers:



Nice informative post. I'm also a prey of these spamy sites.
I get a lot of traffic from the following sites.

Is there any way to get out of this trap?

I knew it was spam when they gave me visits from these sites days after starting a new blog

Hi mate how did u create this custom response panel?

Not sure I follow you M.Oraal.

The list I compiled myself. The sad thing is... there are new spammers showing up everyday. These ones no longer hit my blog, but a new array of fake referrals.

It's nice post and very helpful.

Is it just me or are these spam addresses pretty obvious? They are always long and random and have nothing to do with your site.

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