Wednesday, February 1, 2012

C# Website Image Downloader is here! ImageGrabber

After a couple weeks of work… Im proud to pronounce ImageGrabber Free!
Why use it? - It will scour a page for any images and download them for you to the requested filefolder.
- You’ll never have to manually save every image again.
- The ImageGrabber uses an advanced crawler that can crawl an entire domain, or the whole internet!! THE WHOLE INTERNET~~~
How to use it: You select a file folder, then paste your site URL, and select the crawler depth. Then crawl! Watch as your folder populates or the log refreshes with progress!
What is the catch? No catch. ImageGrabber Free will be offered with reduced capability. A pro version will be released later this year that gives users the most customizable experience.
Features that will be in pro: - Crawl ALL –> Every link given in will be processed.
File size restrictions. (Set lower / upper bound limits on file sizes to keep)
- FolderSort –> Sort images based on similar names
- StraightToZip –> Sort images based on similar names, then send to Zip files.


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