Saturday, February 4, 2012

JDownloader Rapidshare "File Not Found" Workaround

This seems to be a recent issue for many JDownloader users. The current workaround is using Mipony downloader instead. Or wait for the JDownloader devs to release an update.

I was in the middle of getting a set of files and half of them went dead! Even though they are still active on Rapidshare.

Click here to complain to the JDownloader devs

Best workaround:

  1. Install Mipony
  2. Open Mipony after installing
  3. Open your JDownloader and select all the grayed out items for Rapidshare
  4. Right click and do "Copy URL (#)" - the number will be the # of links selected
  5. Mipony will automatically queue links from clipboard. Start Mipony and you're set!


The links work with Mipony. I didnt want to install another download manager but JDownloader team is just taking too long with this bug.

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