Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is Stanleyrr "Operation Moralfag" ?

This Stanleyrr operation moralfag goes to show the power a group of people can have in numbers.

Within 24 hours of the commencement of operation: moralfag, stanleyrr was already at 42,000 subscribers and nearly 200,000 hits. Hes at 46000 subs now with over +500,000 hits. Great job, Internet! 

9gag, or "9fag" as members of 4chan call it, tried to take credit for this good deed, when it originated on 4chan, and from there spread to imgur, reddit, tumblr, and eventually 9gag.

Yet, in all the excitement, most people (i.e. facebook users and twittards) with their ignorance are seeing this as a surprise, an unlikely gesture from the 4chan haven; As if 4chan does not do good deeds. Simply not true and only shows the ignorance of people. Sure, some 12 year olds have felt the wrath of the internet Robin Hood for their selfish and narcissistic attitudes, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Let us not forget, it was anonymous who lead the brigade against US Copyright office website, RIAA, MPAA, and other sites during the MegaUpload takedown in January.

I am not surprised to see this come from 4chan, they have strength in numbers in any way they choose to channel it. It is nice to see their power used for good. We have yet to see a reaction from our friend Stanleyrr, but when it happens....

His blog was also received a huge amount of traffic. Check out his blog

TL;DR - newfag feels bad for old man on youtube, starts moral brigade to give him views, and it works. "9gaggers" try to take credit, but nobody gives a fuck

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There are two thing 4chan loves and cares for with all their might. Cats and old people.
And thus, 4chan began spreading the word.

Manly tears are being shed.

He gains 50k subscribers in a matter of hours and doesn't even give a fuck. This man is my hero.

Anonymous, we are legion hurr durr herp derp

it was 4chan's idea that funnyjunk and reddit helped contribute to and then 9faggotry spams the comments with nonsense and claimed to be responsible for the entire thing. its disgraceful

I am a nigger and i used to steal bikes... thanks too stanley, he inspired me not to do this anymore... now i go to church and pay for my KFC

I really love this but the name "moralfag", really. If it gets leaked and Stanley notices don't you think he'll feel like he's been pitied?

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