Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Andrew Tarantola Rails on Anonymous over trojan software

With the world coming to the internet, anonymous is getting subjugated to the view that they are a bunch of underground nerds that throw "online tantrums" through their DDoS attacks. Andrew Tarantola, in this article on Gizmodo just pushes that agenda more.

The sad thing is that anyone anywhere will report on news simply to push out another story and gain some notoriety. Seeing a story about a trojanned anonymous software, Mr. Tarantola decides to jump the gun with some crazy assumptions:

First off, anyone anywhere can inject an executable with a virus. The fact is, whoever started handing out the hijacked-version of 'Slowloris' saw the initiative to gain another set of hosts with their trojan. It may or may not have been an anonymous "member."

Secondly, there are no anonymous "members." Anonymous is a collective of people that has grown over the years. Think about it in the same sense as Pandora. Anyone can use Pandora to listen to music. Likewise, anyone can use Slowloris or LOIC to participate in anonymous's notorious activities.

Third and last of all: "online banking and email credentials stolen" is basically the polite way of saying they had complete access to their system. In that sense, it is far more likely that these hackers were after user accounts and email accounts and not so much bank accounts. It is far easier to steal a Steam account and sell it off than hijack a bank account and take it for what its worth.

The last part about this article cracks me up. Mr. Tarantola takes the highground with his limited view on what happened, which, in his defense, will appeal to the idiots that read his article. However, common sense overturns the fact with the knowledge that most of these participants in anonymous attacks are more computer-saavy than your average Facebook retard.

Should you find this, Mr. Tarantola, I would suggest sticking to the actual site-hacked stories that you've had some articles about. Not this.


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