Monday, July 30, 2012

James Holmes Photos: The Same Person?

There is a lot of talk of the two photos of James Holmes, the murderer from the cinema shooting in Aurora, CO. Some are saying they are not the same person because the photos are not the same.

Here is a clean comparison of the two photos. You may be thinking they look very different, but lets point out the differences.


In red circles I have shown the areas of dispute. The green circles show similar facial features on both photos. Refer to the clean photo for a better look.

Many say the noses don't match at all. Try this: pout your lips and feel your nose. Now try a wide no-teeth smile. Your nostrils expand with the smile. In one of these photos James is giving a good sized no-teeth genuine smile. The other picture is a dazed emotionless expression.

The eyes are another area of dispute. "The colors are different"... Take a look at the photo quality. He is in an orange shirt in both. One is bland and lacking rich color. The other is bright and full of color. Wouldn't it look weird if the full color of his eyes on the left were there? 

Lastly, the ears: really the left ear is the only one in dispute, but as you take a look of the photos side by side, you can tell it has the same structure. 

This nonsense about it being a different guy has probably been the product of a conspiracy forum or website like InfoWars. They already have articles claiming the killings were staged (another government coup...)

Still think they aren't the same guy?


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