Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kmart 2012 Dubstep Commercial Song - "The Walk"

There is a new Kmart commercial that has a Skrillex-esque dubstep song playing along. The song strongly resembles Bangarang using different stutter vocals over it and a few different notes. From searching, it appears to be a song created for the commercial and is not out by any artist or band.

It is Matroda - "Phunkshock"

The rhythm is noticeably similar to Bangarang at 20 seconds:

Actual Video:


Anyone who knows Skrillex knows its his. Obviously its just a bunch of drops made by Skrillex. Period. All we really want to know is he getting paid? I only hope this simple commercial DOES NOT take dubstep away from the underground (for those who know, know) and bring it to the top 40...

I hope he Sues K-mash and

and doesn't ever have to lend again...

What is DJ ScottLaRock smoking, Dubstep is already in top 40: Alex Clare.

It's Matroda - Phunkshock

I've done major facepalming reading these comments. You retards have to understand Skrillex didn't create dubstep.

i think its still a good mix even though the clips are all stolen but everything is always stolen anyways.

its not stolen nd its not skrillex yea its a good mix but i hate that american commercials nd artist are make dubstep mainstream

Skrillex was up for a grammy this year. Underground? Really? Dubstep hasn't been underground for years. Do you see the world around you? And skrillex was on the billboard charts...

This commercial isnt dubstep and neither is skrillex!!!!! hipsters

I am a very recent Skrillex fan so I don't consider myself an expert, but as soon as I heard 3 seconds of that Kmart commercial I was like, that sounds a lot like Skrillex. But he just doesn't seem like the kind of artist that would want his stuff in a Kmart commercial. It is very very similar.

I thought the same thing when I saw this! Cracked me up,

Neither song is "dubstep" idiots

Dubstep went mainstream when I started listening to it. Now its for kids and douche nozzles

Caspa? Benga? Who started it?

Thank you! Its dubrock-brostep, nothing like traditional dubstep.

Brostep man. Its happening. Wait until Skrillex goes Trap!

I do believe Skrillex should get some credit. but as said before he didnt create dubstep. but he is a major artist in the dubstep world.

Sweet tender nuggets, it is girlstep

wow do people really not know the difference between dubstep and electro house. the song in the commercial is electro house and bangarang is also electro house.

i agree! its not dubstep its dirty electro house. And personally i don't hear the resemblance to bangarang. People just haven't heard enough electro house so they compare it to the only other one theyve heard.

How does matroska make that madeon sound

Hmmm.. It is pretty close but i personally think its dub, dub ususally has a syncopated beat..

Dubstep and drum n bass have been around for many years...way back when skrill boy was still in a metal band...when clubs every night play this shit and every pop song has a wobble and a drop, now metal songs too...yeah you can say its overtly mainstream ....ill stick to the days of "its bigger than hip hop...wobble wobble" beyond that its for poseurs metal kids that want an excuse to hit up a rave...

I know madeon uses abelton, and likely matroska does too.. That is probably how

I stand corrected. After doing a bit more research and listening i agree with you.

You're doing a major disservice to the world. NONE of those tracks you mention are "dubstep." This is a fact, and not an opinion. You should either correct the title of your article or else delete it altogether as you are doing major damage to your own reputation.

What do people get out of trying to make other people stupider for a living? You don't think people in our country are stupid enough? You have to pretend that this crap is dubstep because you don't know what else to call it? Do some research before writing anything next time.

Hello cyrusfx, defender of all that is dubstep; the article title was selected per the audience that has received it. Try typing out "kmart electro house commercial" and see how many suggestions pop up. I fail to see how delivering the song title and artist to users is doing the world a "major disservice".

Your logic is parallel to discussing rap on the subjects of Nas and Lil Wayne. You can point fingers all day at who is hip hop and who isn't, but at the end of the day Lil Wayne is going to outsell Nas time and time again.

The title has been modified to reflect the true nature of the commercial.

Ive. Been listening to " dubsteb" for about a decade now..thats a few years

Matroda's version is better than Skrillex.

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