Friday, July 20, 2012

Twitter Follower Limits

Following can be a mutually beneficial process. Gives you and someone else a connection to share your worlds with each other's. There are limits on how many followers you may have, however.

For new users or users with low followers (under 1000), your twitter follow limit is about 2000. If you get these followers in a matter of days within account creation, you will probably be suspended.

The daily follow limit is 1000, and is considered "aggressive following behavior." Doing this each day will almost undeniably result in suspension.

Twitter is very aware of bots, macros, and scripts that exist to boast followers and follows; so they have a very strict policy.

A safe amount to follow daily is 200 ~ 400.

Note: once you reach 2000 follows, you must have a great amount of followers to continue following. In other words, you must have around 1000 followers to follow after 2000.  This does not prevent you from unfollowing and following new people.


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