Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to "wow" employers in programming interviews

I found an excellent article on Programmers SE discussing ways to "wow" employers at interviews. The article can be seen here.

From the pages of discussion, I gathered these main points:

  • Know your skillset. Be prepared to discuss what you know and use examples to back that knowledge up. Employers very much care about what you know.
  • Be prepared to problem solve under pressure. Part of figuring out how much you know is by putting you to the test. Usually, employers will stick to simple problems that require a bit of thinking. There is not going to be anything like "print out every index of an array" but at the same time, you are not going to be expected to implement your own LinkedList.
  • Treat your interview like a powerpoint presentation. Not one you are doing for a business class you don't care about. One you are doing for your future boss to show him your branch is above the expected output quota. An interview is very much a negotiation; you must sell yourself on your strong points. When someone buys a new car, they don't just ask what it does. They want to see how it does it through test drives and manual inspection. Expect the same behavior when interviewing.
  • Rehearse your selling points. Be confident in them as well. Don't know what your selling points are? You better brainstorm them before your interview! Nothing is more distracting than a paragraph of um's, uh's, like's and incomplete sentences. 


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