Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amazon Penguin Suit Review

Halloween is coming up. That means it is time to pick out a new costume! Today I am reviewing the Adult Penguin Costume offered on Amazon.

This costume is great for college students on halloween. It is bulky and fits easily, and you can wear layers underneath, and even conceal a backpack or other bag. The arms are quite large and can even be used for holding things like cans as well (as long as you dont throw your hands up in the air).

A lot of people will call you "Happyfeet!" Everyone else will just shout "PENGUIN!!" It helps if you dive into your character and waddle everywhere. Do not quack though, penguin enthusiasts will take offense, as penguins do not actually make a "quack" call.

The bottom of the main piece cuts off near the knees, so you will need your own black pants to wear to cover yourself from below to the feet. The yellow feet are a nuisance to put on as an elastic strap has to go on the underside of your shoe. If you use these heavily, the strip could wear and tear. It is easy to bobbypin the feet pieces if needed.

If you're a girl this suit may not be as popular. Since you are showing off 0% of your cleavage, tummy, arms, and legs, it will probably dissuade all guys from you on halloween night. But if you're a guy, this is an awesome suit to wear, especially if you got suckered into carrying the backpack with the rest of the bud light.

Reasons this penguin suit kicks ass:
- You  can do everything you already do, but in a penguin suit.
- People want to take their picture with you, or sometimes just you
- Chicks love penguins
- They used it in Good Luck Chuck
- Jake and Amir got it!


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