Thursday, February 21, 2013

Convert Autocad to Hammer for Source Mapping

Do all of your work as normal in CAD or SU. If CAD is first, save as DWG and import into SketchUp. In SU turn all of your plans into 3d masses, but you need to make sure you group your items (or perhaps just insert planes) so that you have no convex geometry (this is geometry that exceeds 180 degrees, a 3D 'L' would have to be grouped into 2 parts). This is easy if you just group as you go.

From SU, save you file as an OBJ. You may need to use SU pro (which there is a free trial, I use the trial time only for opening and exporting).

Import the OBJ into Blender (, another free program. Then export this as a quake .MAP file.

Then open the MAP in another free one called Crafty (, from Nems tools. From there export as a VMF.

From here you can just open this VMF into Hammer, and do the rest of your mapping. Add texture, lighting, entities, whatever. But, the general massing of everything will already be done.


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