Saturday, November 12, 2011

John Wall’s Breakout Playlist on Spotify


Just kidding. Here is the actual playlist

"Playing with fire" -- Lil Wayne
"That's a good song because it's about how his mom raised him and how he didn't let girls get to his head."
"A Milli" -- Lil Wayne
"That's just a nice song that everybody listens to."
"With you" -- Chris Brown
"That's a love song that reminds me of an old girlfriend I had that played basketball with me."
"Crank that" -- Soulja Boy
"I like all dance songs like that. When you go to a party, you like to dance and have fun."
"I wish" -- R. Kelly
"It's talking about his mom or whoever that was that died, and my dad passed away, so that song reminds me of that."


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