Sunday, November 20, 2011

BF3 Game got disconnected () Port Fix

There have been some confirmations that this has worked:

1. download Simple Port Forwarding [] Simple Port Forwarding program . 
3.Select Router 
4 bt start 20000 - 20100 tcp 
bt2 80-80 tcp 
bt3 14000-14016 UDp 
bt4 22990-23006 UDP 
bt5 25200 - 25300 UPD 
remember to Turn UPnP off (if you dont know what pass and login you have on router google it ) 
5 update router 
6 Done!!! have fun with no more time out or server disconnect !!! 
7. Or look on youtube how to make it ! Video Tutorial [] 

And remember to change it in windows !!!! || services.msc for UPnP Divice Host press right button on it and stop 
3.SSDP Discovery press right button and stop 
4.Go control panel Network and Sharing Center and click on Change advanced sharing settings 
5.Turn off network discovery ! 
7. Or look on youtube how to make it []


there has to be an easier way of fixing game got disconnected

F*CK THIS GAME. I love it when it works randomly for hours on end... But the rest of the time, I get DC non stop. Tonight I can't even log into a server. WHY? It shouldn't be this difficult. uPNP is off (WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE?), SSDP discovery is off (AGAIN, WHY?) and Network Discovery is off (WHY?). What happens if I want / newd any of those features? Arrrrrgggggh. And EA won't refund me. I just want it to work. :|


Fuck Them All

What if I need UPNP ? and ?

rediculous...must be an other way

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