Friday, November 4, 2011

[SOLVED] Origin crashes on login. No error message.


- Origin starts loading, but closes out unexpectedly before it finishes loading.
- No error message associated with close.
- No indication of what is causing error.
- Does not load after trying multiple times.


  1. Navigate to  C:\Users\$username$\AppData\Local 
  2. Delete your \Origin folder. (or, move it to the desktop to keep it for restoring, if something goes wrong)
  3. Start up Origin and log in and it will load fine. The folder will be auto regenerated.

Alternative fix: Reinstall Origin


2-3-12 - There are server problems with Origin today. This fix addresses a different issue - Origin not launching at all.

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Geez, thanx alot, been having this issue for days now and it even led to a Windows reinstall :(
But thanx alot, it worked for me!

doesnt work at all, followed the instructions to the letter and origin still automatically close on me

even after i have deleted the origin folder, as soon as I launch Origin again, the folder just comes back.

It is supposed to come back. It is a generated folder for user settings. The bug is that some user setting was causing it to fail before, so wiping the folder would allow a fresh, working copy. Try reinstalling Origin.

to be honest i wouldn't do it. I maganged to solve the problem without mucking around with filse that are not ment to be touched!!

the problem is that Origin closes befor i can log in. So the new folders were not created. And reinstall is also bs. Why they need something like Origin. BFBC2 was also good without Origin and i never had problems.

Thanks worked fine ... these 2 people above me are just fags -.-

have the same problem origin just crahes when i start it i tryed everything nothing worked

This worked for me. If it works for you, great, if not, tough luck

Origin is going slow as fuck today too. have to be patient

really hate that crap origin FU origin its crap

My shit won't even show my games after reinstalling Origin... Having a small amount of rage on EA atm..

I’m so sick of EA…and this useless app called Origin. Thx for the info – but still does not work.

This is my 3rd attempt at a complete re-install of origin, deleting every registry entry ect.

Its been crashing since 2 updates ago, and I couldnt play mass effect 3 because of it.

Will report back if it works this time, but i have strooong doubts.

Note: Origin still crashes, and for some reason It still retained data, despite deleting every related EA registry entry...

But Mass Effect now launches. Still crashes in game.

(And im running win 7 64 bit with 2.9ghz quad core, 12gbs ram, gtx 285 gcard, and a top end asus motherboard. )

Didn't work for me. I've even uninstalled Origin and reinstalled it. I think it has something to do with the Mass Effect 3 part being weird.

I was the last guy to post here (about uninstalling and reinstalling origin).

I was right. Origin was crashing, for me, because there was something wrong with my Mass Effect 3 "_Installation" folder (or whatever it's called, it's something to do with install or installation, and it's got an underscore in front of it.. just go into your install directory for the game and you can't miss it).

Soon as I deleted that, origin started up like there'd never been anything wrong.

This issue was one that was a long time ago and it doesnt fix the other reasons why origin is crashing now; like in mass effect.

Origin keeps crashing and nothing seem to fix it. It doesn't even give a warning

Here is an idea: EA makes a deal with Steam to sell EA games on steam and still get a majority of the profit. Win win because now EA can drop this piss poor origin client, and steam wins because it "buys out" its competition. Then again, EA is so greedy, they are so high on their pedestal that they wont come down for anyone, even the noblest of distribution services, like Steam.

if you buy bf3 premium then all your troubles go away ! in the fine print it clarifies bf3 premium is a reoccuring payment of $99.99 and also sunday worship in the Church of EA

The problem is AVG... i just disabled AVG and it worked... so NVM all the other bullshit its just AVG

^ no shit buddy this post is 2 years old

Oh my gosh, this post is 3 years old and it STILL fixed my issue. Thank you so much!!!


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