Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Domar . ru Referrer Spam Is Not Real Traffic

If you are a blog owner then you've probably received hits from, even as early as days after creating a new blog. You are curious as to who is linking to your blog, so you visit the site only to be presented with a stupid video or get rich quick scheme. 

The numbers that you see in your Blogger Stats does not always indicate you are receiving actual traffic from those websites. The spammers use bots to visit your site with their site as the referring url. Curious bloggers like to see who is linking to their content, and end up clicking the links to see where it takes them. This is how they get traffic to their websites that are usually scam sites. 

Blogger Stats seems to be the only stat tracker with this problem. Alternative stat systems do a much better job of showing you actual traffic data.
What you can do:

1. Don't click on the links.
2. Use an alternative to Stats that you manually add to your blog.

Here are GREAT alternatives to Stats:

1. - Get a spinning globe that shows real-time hits and overall hits (like the one you see on the right panel of this website!)

2. - Get a counter that shows up on your website for all users, who can click on it to navigate to the stats website to see more in-depth statistics. You can pay for upgraded services and additional statistics (but free works great too!)

3. Use Google Analytics (provides much better information about your site visitors as well)

List of Common Referral Spam URLS


So what you are saying is that sites likedomarru have got Blogger stumped, and the only suggestion is to stop using part of the "facility" Which blogger is supposed to provide. Next, you'll tell us to disable comments to stop comment spam, and then to close it off from all web-crawlers to stop referrer spam from finding us. Hopeless!

WordPress and other Blogsites have developed plugins and are really trying to help customers fight the problem. Blogger loses.

there are other ones like free dental work or breast sites are the same way

Wish I'd seen this before I least analytics doesn't seem to pick up this annoying spammer.

I went to the domar one and it was a stupid scam movie about things the government doesnt want you to know. It made me laugh out loud

I have been clicking on it, because I was curious. so what should I do?

The most you can do is ignore it, dont click the links, and take your statistics page with a grain of salt.

Diane is a bitch. Blogger beats wordpress.

I just noticed that MOST of my traffic is coming from a url that I want to delete as I am sure it must be malware. They are spamming me.
And when I click on it...I get THEIR AD. It is NOT a BLOG.

This is a common problem in blogger forums. Once I clicked on one of these spam links not knowing what it was.not Domar, but a sketchy-looking online degree site from Malaysia. I assume that if you click on the link, the spammers record your visit and the url you clicked from, which means they'll continue spamming you.some of these sites may carry viruses. I've been seeing fewer Domar hits, but many from sites called "googlecorrection," "," and "777seo" (the last URL also contains the name "martyxmas"). These always flock together, bringing in hundreds of spam pageviews in spurts lasting 30 minutes to an hour. You may see these spam attacks daily, or almost daily-- if you do, don't click on any of those URLs either. There a nuisance, but ignore them and they'll go away. is from russia...

iam also getting almost 11 visits froms almsot per day...

I feel BLOGGER cares less about This and could do something.This is OBVIOUSLY an inside job at BS.
Why do E have to put up with such an INCONVENIENCE ?
I feel it goes DEEPER as per the TIMING
I feel the Referer spam that everyone claims is benign will end up being a disaster.There are way too many coincidence's

We are being JERKED around man.The obvious BS that this is not going to ever do harm.Sometimes I feel it is a RUSE for Spying by out own government who isn't beyond proxy use.
The timing is just suspicious and the fact that NO security program can scrub it away.
It blasts through all firewalls and is an INSIDE CODE JOB
Wake up fellow Americans and smell the POOPIES

Interesting article.Proly an inside job like tim says.

very helpful post.
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experience that makes me wary.
thank you for your information.

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