Saturday, December 10, 2011

[FIX] Annoying BF3 Screen flicker with 5770. BSOD Overheating


  • You have a ATi Radeon 5770 (probably XFX brand)
  • You have a dual monitor setup (one in HD, one in DVI)
  • Starting BF3 causes intense screen flickers
  • Can run the game for about 15 minutes before a black screen appears, audio freezes, gpu fan becomes as loud as vacuum, and you're forced to restart.
Fix: It isn't practical, but it works.
  1. Make sure you are up-to-date on ATi Drivers (11.11)
  2. Unplug your secondary monitor before launching BF3.
  3. Open up the ATi Vision Engine Control Center, go to Performance.
  4. Enable OverDrive (settings: 600 MHz, 1200 MHz respectively)
  5. Enable manual fan control. Set to 100%.
This will do two things:
 1. Down to one monitor will remove the screen flickering issue (a problem inherent with the card's inability to manage multiple refresh rates at low clock speeds)
2. With the fan at 100%, your card will likely peak at 95* C or 96* C but will not overheat (unless you have poor air ventilation or are running bf3 for hours on end...)

Good luck.


- Download ATT (Ati Tray Tools) from This program gives additional functionality to the rather shitty ATi Control Center, and is much more stable of a program to use than ATi's. First day using it and I already highly recommend it.


i cant play neither campaing nor multiplayer.

campaign crashes with whitescreen when i walk 3 meters to the right.
multiplayer got grafik bugs when i play, on every map.

i waited for patches, for new nvidia drivers.... it sucks ... its disgusting...nothing is working

i have intel i5 with 8gb ram 1333mhz and a gti 560 ti overclocked from gigabyte. i tried downclocking it. i tried hard setting the voltage... it sucks...nothing works...

why i cant post screenshots from my grafic bugs? ....

im so dissapointed... i waited for the game... i waited for new drivers and it is not runnig ... -.-

true .. worst game ever, what means workflow, and i am playing since counterstrike 1.1.... on 300mhz ... with voodoo banshee

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