Sunday, January 15, 2012 Referrer Spam does Not Represent Real Traffic To Blogs

If you are a blogger owner then you've probably been subject to hits to your blog, even as early as days after creating a new blog. You are curious as to who is linking to your blog, so you visit the site only to be presented with a stupid video or get rich quick scheme. 

Probably this link: (dont click it)

The numbers reflected in our Stats logs do not represent any actual traffic against blogs, or any websites with links to blogs. The only person who benefits from referer spam is the owner of the advertised (fake referer URL) sites - and that happens only when we click on the links in the Stats display.

Only Stats, which builds its pageview counts and graphs using the Blogger server activity logs, is subject to referer spam. All third party visitor logs and meters, which depend upon snippets or widgets added to the blog template, are not subject to this problem.
What you can do:
1. Don't click on the links.
2. Get a third party visitor log / meter, for accurate and comprehensive pageview counts.

Here are two great alternatives:

1. - Get a spinning globe that shows real-time hits and overall hits (like the one you see on the right panel of this website!)

2. - Get a counter that shows up on your website for all users, who can click on it to navigate to the stats website to see more in-depth statistics. You can pay for upgraded services and additional statistics (but free works great too!)

List of Common Referral Spam URLS


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