Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Wont Make Any Money With A Bullshit Blog

A blog is just a blog until you make it unique. So many startup blogs on "Black hat" "white hat" bullshit seo websites/forums/etc. Every guy and his friend have started up a shitty blog with generic, bullshit content that only gets hits from keywords. You might have made it here for the same reason, but let's hope not.

Adsense - an easy way to make money online! Sure is, if youre not a douche about it. Here is a prime example of the bullshit im talking about:

Are you asking "why? why is that site douchy?" If you're not... you should be. Easy. The site is an attempt to make money, with content links and a littering of ads. Not only that, the information is shot straight out of the content writer's (or copier's) ass. Take a look at it for yourself. You see a giant blob of text. Real engaging right? No.

Pointless shitty websites whose sole interest is for the creator to make some money. You want to find more, just head over to the DigitalPoint forums; every guy from India and Pakistan has posted a thread on those boards asking why their sites get no hits.

So what are all these guys doing wrong? Theyre thinking about THEMSELVES. They take a look at the design and say "Hey, this has a lot of links, social networking opportunities,  and content! Why no one like my website?"

Here is why; Because your website SUCKS. There are good websites and bad websites. Ones that are easy to use and attractive and ones that are ugly and hard to use. But no one has the heart to tell you that. Your friends wont let you down; they're your friends. They have to be supportive. Forums will do the same at the users' fright to be banned for flaming. This shit continues to populate our internet because of how easy it is for any Joe Jerkoff to make a blog or website.

Here's the deal. You want your website to catch on, you got to give it some real fucking content. Like this. Right here. Im not saying find real content and copy it. Im saying make your content. Only start blogs on content you know about. Content that you will continually expand upon or develop. If you dont have important insight to offer, then delete your blog. It will be useless because there are 20 more blogs that offer the same exact articles.

End rant

More reasons:

Bullshit Blogging: 15 reasons you’ll never have an A-List blog


Hey dude, nice article. But, i dont know why you had said the given blog as bullshit. When i visit that ewebpedia site, i felt it was very informative and the author has a great skill of SEO. When checked in copyscape, the articles are not found to be copied. But i have found this post of urs in more than 5 diff. Url. What is the point? Huh damn get a life before pointing and criticizing others!!!

Hello, you are undoubtedly the blog owner of ewebpedia, so let me take the time to address the issues you raised:

1. Only one other blog has this post, in which I have given express permission for it to be used there. If you have found it on 5 other sites, please post them here so I can report those reposts, as this is the original post.

2. I should have taken a picture of how the site looked when the article was written. eWeBPedia (However you use the cases, gives me shrills every time...) has since cleaned up the look of their blogs subdomain. It is much more content oriented now than it was before, which is a good thing. Maybe this post inspired you to do that, maybe not.

3. On that note, probably not, lets take a look at the host site,, whether it is run by you or not, it is a better example of what this post is about. In ewebpedia's defense, there are many websites out there that are 10000x as bad as it is. Still, the website is 3 columns under a header / navigation bar that looks beyond tacky. Maybe the content makes up for the poor design.

4. Maybe your friends think it is the best website ever. It is entirely subjective. So get over it.

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