Tuesday, February 21, 2012

College Survival Guide: Things to know BEFORE coming to College

  • Don’t get a huge meal plan or too many Dining Dollars. If you don’t use them up, you lose them.
  • Don't park on campus between 7:00am and 5:30pm. You'll get ticketed unless you park in meter parking (which ranges between 30 mins to 2 hours)
  • Time management skills are very important! Don’t get too far behind in your homework.
  • As a freshman, don't go out to campustown too late on Fridays or Saturdays, unless you would like to deal with drunk people.
  • Tuition rises every year, so be expecting an annual increase.
  • Lanyards are not as cool as you think they are. It says "Look at me, I am a freshman"

Iowa State University Terminology:

  • Business Majors - Usually looked down on by engineers due to the greater difficulty of engineering courses at Iowa State.
  • Bar Fights - a marching band term for the tradition of going to the campustown bars on Friday of Homecoming week to play the fight song.
  • Campanile: The bell tower located in central campus.
  • Campaniling: Campaniling is an ISU tradition. A student is not an official Iowa Stater until he or she is kissed under the Campanile at midnight.
  • Campustown: Strip of bars, shops, and restaurants that runs along Welch Avenue, just south of campus and Friley Hall. Extends from Hayward to Stanton.
  • Central Campus: Can refer to any between Pearson and Curtis Hall
  • C-Stores: Short for convenience stores, the C-Stores are located in the commons areas of the major dorm complexes on campus: Willow-Larch, Friley, and Towers.
  • The Daily: Short for the Iowa State Daily, which is the campus newspaper.
  • Dining Dollars: Dining Dollars are often included with a meal plan (if you get one), but they can also be purchased seperately. Dining Dollars are accessible on your ISU card and work just like cash on campus.
  • Drunk Bus: Also known as the Moonlight Express, this bus offers a safe and free ride home (or to other parties) on Friday and Saturday nights 10:30 p.m.–2 a.m. when ISU classes are in session.
  • Free Speech Zone: A place on campus designated for students to freely speak their minds on whatever issues they feel are important. It is located right out in front of the Hub and Parks.
  • The Hub: Originally built to fulfill the University’s need for a bookstore, post office, and waiting room for the Ames and College Railway, the Hub was built in 1892. It has moved from its original location and is now located just south of Parks Library and west of Morrill Hall. The Hub now serves as a multi-purpose building for students to utilize.
  • ISUCF"V"MB - Iowa State University Cyclone Football "Varsity" Marching Band
  • Just Sayin - A portion of the Daily that has spread to Facebook groups and its own website. Serves as a way to call people out on stupid / funny / cool things.
  • Learning Communities: Small groups of students who have similar areas of study. Usually, they have anywhere from one to three classes together and may live in the same residence hall.
  • Library 160: A class that all students at Iowa State are required to take. The Library is huge, and the purpose of this class is to show students where to find everything and how to use it.
  • M-Shop: Short for the Maintenance Shop, which is located in the Memorial Union.
  • MU: The common abbreviation for the Memorial Union.
  • Overhead at ISU: The sister of Just Sayin' - where people post snippets of conversations they heard. Usually containing sexual innuendo.
  • Parks - Refers to Parks Library on campus.
  • Towers: Towers is the common collective term for the dorms Wallace and Wilson, located on the far south end of campus, just behind Campustown.
  • Veishea: Veishea is an acronym for the seven colleges that were part of Iowa State University in 1922: veterinary medicine, engineering, industrial science, home economics, and agriculture.
More information:

Here is a campus map a little better defined:

Iowa State Parking Map: 

Note that: these are parking spots that are reserved from 7:00am to 5:30pm ... so dont park there during those hours M-F. 

Tickets range from $10, $15, $25. I think the worst ticket I saw was $35. They add up fast. I had $100 in fines from last semester.


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