Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Avoid Scam Emails!

I've written a few articles on scam emails that have helped people stave off fraudulent offers. They all focus around the same idea for avoiding scam emails, which is...

Not sure if an email is legit? Google it!!!

Googling the sender's email address, or a snippet of the conversation, will bring you to pages like these, where multiple people have confirmed an email as a scam.

On that note, never trust emails from unknown senders. Think about it; why would someone, a complete stranger you've never met or given your email address, be interested in giving you money, scholarships, or work? 

Where things get tricky, is when you get a LinkedIn user involved. I have been contacted by people through LinkedIn who were recruiters for a company seeking hires for another. That sort of thing is becoming more commonplace. It is hard to categorize them all to 'scam' or 'not a scam' as either could happen. For the most part, they will be legitimate inquiries from recruiters (it is their job to seek out good fits for businesses).

However , make sure you can communicate with that person *through* LinkedIn, as the email sender could be claiming the identity of a given member on LinkedIn.

All these are good tips to follow, but they all boil down to one habit: Googling


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