Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Isn't my Blog getting any Hits ? Views? Comments? Likes?

The tirade of blogs out there all have one goal in mind; getting hits. Some do, many don't. Here are some tips to help boost your hits:

  1. Have an attractive website. Nothing is more offputting than an ugly distorted website. If your site design is garbage, your content is probably garbage too.
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  2. Allow interaction and social networking. People like to be the ones to be informed. Sharing cool and new things on Facebook gives them that aura of independence and intelligence. Sure it is your information, but they found it and shared it. So give them the ability to do so. And make it easy. Each blog post should have Like/1+/Tweet this, and other social networks if you so choose to engage. But those are the top 3. Maybe add reddit in there too.
  3. Promote social interactions on your site. That means, allow anonymous comments, delete spam, and reply to user comments. Nothing appeals less to a site visitor than a blog without any social interaction. It tells them that the blog is not very known, popular, important, or relevant to the data or information they are seeking.
  4. Search keywords. For examples of how to name your blogs, try searching the topic that you're writing on in google. You will get a list of similar search items as you type. Copy those to your blog post. Those are previous searches and popular ones. Alternatively, use keyword research
  5. Dont be fooled by spambots (referral spam). They will hit your blog to get you to visit their site. Does not represent an actual person.
  6. DONT CLICK YOUR ADS. If you want to lose your ad privileges altogether, click them. Google has been around the block with cheaters and fake clicks. They can easily spot fake clicks. So don't try and outsmart your ads provider; it is a losing battle. On the same note, you can probably get away with your friends clicking your ads, but again, Google has excellent detection methods for fraud clicks. Play it safe and play it legit, dont click them.
  7. If you accidentally click an ad, it will usually be 'forgiven' and not counted. It has happened to me, the click has $0.00 payout. Just be careful not to keep doing it, otherwise google will think youre trying to cheat.


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