Saturday, March 24, 2012

The truth about Amway, LTDTeam, and MLM Businesses

MLM is a dangerous game and it requires patience, intelligence, and a bit of luck. Amway and LTDTeam, and similar companies, base their system off of referrals. You get paid for what you sell (Which wont be much, unless Joe Girard wrote your biography.) and you get paid percentages on what your recruits get. In turn, you pay royalties up to whom recruited you, and so on. All-in-all, legitimate business practices. Here's where the truth comes into play.

It isnt a scam, but it is a deceptive practice. They, and most companies like them, prey on young minds that are naive. They spam high schools with ads for making +$15 an hour, better pay than any high school job. They spam college students with ads saying “low work hours , a couple extra hundred dollars a month, easy to do alongside classes.” They get inside the minds of these young people and give them that insatiable hope to make something of themselves. They exploit the emotions of young people for money. 
This business is based off expansion and referrals. The more you have, the more % you get. Which is a legitimate referral system. The fact that they throw their main attention at young impressionable minds, that doesn’t sit right with me, and shouldnt sit right with you either.


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