Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to get 50-60 FPS on BF3 with the ATi Radeon 5770 1gb card (XFX)

This works very well. However, your card can get hot (I will cover how to handle that)


1. Get HwMonitor
3. Install both
4. Right click on ATT from the notification tray and go to Hardware-->Overclock Settings
5. Before continuing, start HwMonitor and check your gfx card temps (good temps with stock fans are between 30* C and 45* C. 
6. If your card is running hotter than that, it is a good idea to shut down your computer, remove the card, and dust it out using a can of compressed air. Dust will cause the card to get hotter, so get it all out! Running hotter also decreases the lifespan of the card.
7. Check your temps again, if they are in this range, you're set.

Overclocking / Boosting your FPS

1. Under ATT-->Hardware-->Overclocking, set Corespeed up to about 600 (higher if you prefer)
2. Set Memory Speed to 1300 (or higher, your preference)
3. Go to the Fan tab, and choose "Manual speed"
4. Set the fan to 75 or 80. Higher if you choose to go higher than the values I give.
5. Start up bf3 and play!
6. It is best to use a second monitor to watch HwMonitor while you play (so you can see your gfx card temps). 

Note: you may run into problems if you 
1. Dont have a very good cpu (Preferred is >2.8ghz quad)
2. Dont have enough ram (Preferred 4gb minimum)


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