Saturday, December 24, 2011

AMD Switchable Graphics Fullscreen Issue FIX (for Laptops)

Here are some Fixes available for laptop users. Hope they come in handy.

I have a Thinkpad E320 (13") with an i5-2410M, 8GB RAM, 320GB 7,200rpm HDD, and an AMD 6630M switchable graphics and whenever I try to run BF3 it always forces the game into windowed mode that I can barely interact with. 

This appears to be an issue that others are encountering too so I thought I would share the quick fix that worked for me. 

I was initially assigning programs to run on either the 6630M or the intel HD3000 graphics and I think that this is where the problem lies.

What worked for me was going into "Graphics Properties" (by right clicking on the desktop) > "Power" (tab) > "Switchable Graphics Method" > "Select the graphics processor manually based on power source".

I understand that this method requires you to be plugged in and may not also be to the taste of others who prefer to keep the graphics card on an auto-switchable basis but this is just my fix, there may be a better option out there.

I made it work for my Dell Vostro 3550 with the same graphics card as you have, except that the Dell provided driver was from August and didn't include the option you describe (manual graphics adapter switching).

I finally uninstalled Dell's version of the driver and installed a version from HP found here: []

FIXED!! - FOR USERS WITH G6 series HP LAPTOPS !! its a temporary fix not a permanent fix 
1 - start the game with fullscreen enabled
2 - alt enter back to window mode USE alt enter not the fullscreen option in game
3 - right click on the desktop and select screen resolution
4 - there will be an option multiple displays click on for a drop down menu and select any option in it jus change it and then apply it (the screen goes black and comes back in 1 sec ) NOTE :- keep the game running dont close it wfor this whole process !
5 - after that jus alt enter back to fullscreen mode and volla everything is working in fullscreen ( selecting menus and players name all hud elements r there properly)
NOTE :- u have to do these steps again when u quit the game all over again so its temporary !! but its better than playin window mode and even u can change ur resolution in game without any problems but when u quit the game and then start again its the same problem again.

If you have nVidia graphics card and you set the game to run in fullscreen, but it stays in Windowed mode, this may help you (it helped me):

1, Download and install latest driver (currently 285.79 beta) for your nVidia graphics card
2, open nVidia Control panel, change "Display - Adjust desktop size and position - Scaling" to fullscreen (I have "Perform scaling" option se to GPU and "override the scaling mode.." option is OFF, but feel free to experiment with these 2 additional settings if you still have the problem)

Now the game should stay in fullscreen.


hey, i have a amd HD 6770m and none of these fixed it? can you help please? thanks

make sure you are on the latest AMD drivers

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